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M2Tech Hiface on a MacMini

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I recently switched from an M-Audio Transit to a M2Tech HiFace for sending music from a Mac Mini to my Onkyo Receiver. I had some initial trouble getting the driver install to work but found a note on another thread saying the latest driver only works with Snow Leopard so after upgrading the Mini I finally had sound coming out. While I'm lucky not to experience clicks and pops that were reported by others I do have one little problem with it and was hoping someone might have some advice - when I switch over to the Mini from say watching TV and start to play a song (I use iTunes on the Mini controlled by either a MacBook using the share screen feature or Remote running on my iPhone) either the Onkyo doesn't track the incoming signal or the HiFace doesn't immediate come to life so I get no sound. If I go in to Sound inside of System Preferences and switch the output device to the internal speaker and then back to the HiFace I do then get sound. Is it possible there is a setting I've failed to make to bring the HiFace to life immediately? The Transit didn't have any trouble once installed, it would just start up no issue though I never tried it under Snow Leopard so maybe this is Snow Leopard and not the HiFace. The other change is a switch on the Onkyo from toslink to coax so not sure if there might be a difference there but figured I'd check to see if anyone here had any suggestions.






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