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wireless issues need advise.


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I am running an all mac system with an Airport express as my wireless hub. I have a mac mini in my main rig as well as an iMac in my bedroom and a laptop. I use the iMac to browse the internet and check out downloaded music. I have an Apple TV in my bedroom system and an extra airport express hooked up to my DAC in my main system (where the mac mini is) so I can stream music from the iMac to my main rig if I want. The Airport Express used as the wireless hub is connected via ethernet to a DSL Modem. All The computers connect to the internet wirelessly. I also use my iphone remote app to run itunes on both the iMac and the Mac Mini. Software is up to date on the Airports. So there is the background on my system.


Ok so I am having some major gremlins and problems when I am streaming music. It comes and goes but I can get small amounts of crackling in the sound all the way to it won't even connect or the sound will completely deteriorate and go away and then come back. Other times it sounds perfect. It seems even worse when I use the iPhone remote app.


Is it possible that I am overloading the wireless capabilities of the Airport Express? Is there a better way to hook all this up than I am doing? I would immediately buy an Airport Extreme if it would solve my problems.


Thanks, Ryan Stratton


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