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Going back to iTunes Match from iCloud Music Library

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Has anyone made the transition back to iTunes Match after ditching iTunes Music? I have 23,000 songs and I'm concerned about losing tracks after hearing Kirk and Jim's issues. I'll re-download all of my tracks and backup again before trying anything of course. I love iTunes Match and this free trial confirmed that streaming is just not for me.

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After reading about the corruption problems I quickly reverted my hard drive from its SuperDuper clone, so I'm now running Match only on my main library. Meanwhile, I'd already turned on Apple Music both via that machine and my phone. So I expect that library is safe, and I'm just waiting for things to settle down (iTunes 13?) before putting my toe back in.


I realize this doesn't offer any useful information, but since you asked if anyone had done it, I thought I'd reply, and would be happy to take it further (though this forum isn't yet on my daily rounds...)




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Realizing I was unwarrantedly sanguine above about the chances for my home library, since it sounds like it's the online library that gets scrambled with iTunes Music turned on, which for me it still is. So the status is: home library using reverted 12.1.2, but iTunes Music turned on and in use from the phone. My unknown is: is my Match data still usable and unjeopardized, or am I past the point of no return? Perhaps I should turn off Match?

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