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Full-Screen Album Art

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Command-click the album artwork in the title bar, a new, re-sizable window opens with the art.


Not sure if this is new in 12.2, but I've never seen it before. Also, this is separate from the mini-player which you can have open at the same time.


I moved new this new album art window to separate monitor, hid the menu bar (via Mission Control), maximized the window size, and changed the desktop background to black. I finally have a "Now Playing" display, and I can still control/browse iTunes from my primary display.


Thanks Apple!


(And thanks Reddit, where I first heard about this)

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It's been in iTunes since at least version 10, I think. Before the MiniPlayer was added, you'd display the window by clicking the artwork at the bottom left of the iTunes window. When they added the MiniPlayer, they made two states for that window. This, however, is a new variation on it. It looks like the window that used to be there before the MiniPlayer. Thanks for pointing it out.

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