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Download Entire Library to iPhone

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At this point, I'm getting a bit old-school with my expectations of Apple's music offerings, but with each major iteration they undoubtedly make it hard to have all of your music available on your mobile device. My library is small, and given that I've already paid for it, it would prefer not to pay a 'streaming tax' to access it. Since iTunes in the Cloud, the best trick I knew to get all my music on my iPhone was to go to my mac, open iTunes, create a playlist with my full library, let it sync to my iPhone, and then from my phone 'Download All'.


Though the terms have changed, in theory you follow the same steps with Apple Music. However, at least for me, it does not work. I've wiped and restored my phone several times, but Music always seems to just hang/die when I tell it to make the playlist available for off line.


Has anyone else tried this?

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If you are using iCloud music library, what you should do is turn off iCloud music library, and then sync all your music to the phone. Turn on iCloud music library on the phone, and it should ask where do you want to merge or replace your library. Assuming that all of the music you have Saint is the same as what is in iCloud music library, you can just merge it, retaining what is on the phone.


Note that I have not tested this, but it didn't work like this in the past with iTunes Match.

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im restoring my phone now and plan to give it a go today or tonight.

I took precaution while by putting the phone in airplane mode while transferring music. This prevents iOS from connecting to the cloud, and modify local files on the device. Also I noticed that after the libraries merge, all my local playlists where duplicated. The duplicated have '1' named at the end. Also exciting Apple Music playlists are partially duplicated. This is only the case when a song in the Apple Music playlist matches a song you have locally. You can easily delete those filter playlists by selecting to few your own playlists in iOS. Good luck!

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as far as getting my library onto my phone, this worked. unfortunately, every time i go to turn iCloud Music library back on, it fails with an error message: iCloud Music Library can't be enabled. You can enable it later from Music in Settings. Until then, your music won't be available on your other devices.


I've been getting that error for several hours.

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