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Song Ratings Changed to Album Ratings?

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I haven't seen it reported elsewhere and it's pretty annoying since they're so hard to change. Even Doug's Multi-Item Edit can't change them. As far as I can tell, the only reliable way to change them in bulk in the in Album view. Otherwise, you can overwrite with per-track ratings.

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I never turned it on in my master library, but the two did some sort of auto-merge on my iOS device when I initially enabled it. By merge, I mean that the playlists from both the iCloud Music Library and my iOS library were combined into one set complete set of playlists. The files didn't seem to merge, but the playlists were present everywhere after that initial upgrade. (I've since deleted the unwanted playlists)


They were empty in places where the files didn't exist. So- (I know this is complicated, but if anyone else would understand it'd be you-)


Big Master Library <-> Synced to iPhone (USB cable, daily)

Small iCloud Music Library <-> iCloud <-> iPod, iPad


After 12.2 upgrade, I saw:


Big Master Library, now included additional playlists from iCloud Music Library (probably via iPhone USB sync)

Small iCloud Music Library, now included additional playlists from iPhone (probably by way of 12.2 auto-merge on iOS device) many of which are empty since I don't have all music synced into iCloud

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Now that I'm seeing the full extent of this ratings damage (>12,000 rated tracks), I'm thinking about attempting to fix the overwritten tags. My thought is that I'm going to do a full restore of both the library and my music archive to an alternate user account. Then, I would use SuperSync to sync the ratings metadata from the restored library to my real library. Thoughts on this approach?

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