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Suggestions for AES/EBU cables to link Weiss INT202 to Bryston BDA-1

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It is my understanding from reading several blogs devoted to the Bryston BDA-1 external DAC that the AES/EBU input is far superior to the USB and Toslink inputs, even when the former is connected via, for example, a BelCanto 24/96 interface. In anticipation of purchasing a Weiss INT202 firewire interface to link my MacBook Pro to the Bryston, I am seeking your thoughts on which AES/EBU cable(s) would be suitable for linking the INT202 to the Bryston. I have heard much enthusiasm regarding the Cardas Audio AES cables (there are several in the line) as well as the Kimber Kable Orchid (which comes at a significant cost $695 for 1 meter).







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I've been using the INT 202 for a while, it's a certainly a good choice, and have tried several AES cables between it and the Lavry DA-11, namely the Weiss Chiron, AudioQuest Raven, Wireworld Platinum Eclipse, as well as the new Weiss fiber-optic AES interface (designed for long runs).


My favorite is the AudioQuest, but the Weiss and Wireworld are quite competitive. My suggestion would be to get all of them from a cooperative dealer, and after thorough conditioning, find out which one works best in your system.


Yes, AES will be much better than USB or TOSLINK with the Bryston. According to published reviews, the USB input on the Bryston is substandard. Of course, they may have upgraded the product in the interim, so check with them. AES will be slightly better than S/PDIF, but the difference is subtle.


Going FireWire from the MCP to the INT 202 should yield excellent results. As you may know, there are a couple of "gotchas" about getting bit-perfect output from iTunes and OS/X. But, once you have everything set up properly, you'll be getting bit-perfect input to the INT 202.


Supposedly there are some issues on certain MCP chassis about which USB input can be used at audio rates, so this is another reason to just go with FireWire.


Weiss includes test tracks that you can "play" from the Mac which are analyzed by circuitry in the INT 202, and if everything is bit-perfect, you'll get confirmation by a status light.


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Probably it is system specific but in my set up I prefer the Apogee Wyde Eye AES/EBU to the Stereovox XV2 S/PDIF, though I agree the Stereovox is an excellent cable (it has beaten off all S/PDIF I and some friends have tried). Having said this I see they have a new one - the Ultra.


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>AES/EBU input is far superior to the USB and Toslink inputs, even when the former is connected >via, for example, a BelCanto 24/96 interface.


If you route the USB out of your MBP through something like the Bel Canto (or Empirical or HiFace, etc.), you will no longer be going into the USB or Toslink input on the Bryston. Those devices function as your Weiss does but with USB instead of Firewire.


Mac Mini 5,1 [i5, 2.3 GHz, 8GB, Mavericks] w/ Roon -> Ethernet -> TP Link fiber conversion segment -> microRendu w/ LPS-1 -> Schiit Yggdrasil

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Since it is a XLR connection, the connector should be 110 ohm on most any XLR connector, which is what you want. The thing to watch out for is the 110 ohm cable, just make sure it's 110 ohm and digital Data friendly. AES/EBU loves 110 ohm. Try not to use Mic cables, those sold as mic cables, it may be just fine but a lot of times they will solder pin #1 and #3 together, #2 being the hot pin this is okay for a mic, but for our use it almost always better if the have 3 seperate wires for Pins 1,2, and 3.

Just General Guidelines. But I hope it helps.


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One of the best value cables on the market is the Dark Art from Missing Link. I have it from a Hag usb aes/ebu to a Perpetual Technologies P1A/P3A dac. Very similar to my Meridian 500 transport through the same dac.


Balanced The Dark Art 110 Ohm


AES/EBU 110 ohm Digital Interconnect uses the same Super Fine Silver Plated Oxygen Free Copper Conductor with special attention paid to conductor spacing to ensure a perfect impedance of 110 ohms - this is then finished with true 110 ohm Silver-Plated Neutrik XLR’s making the Perfect Digital Transmission system....


The Dark Art AES/EBU 110ohm Balanced Digital Interconnect


0.5 metre Terminated with True 110 Ohm XLR .. £95..00 (add £35 per extra 0.5m)




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