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Apple Music Doesn’t Display Your Listening History and This Is a Big Mistake

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It's weird how it works ... I searched for a singer (Courtney Barnett, for what it's worth) based on an article in The New Yorker. Found her in Apple Music (and I need to remind myself that it's great I can now do this); added the album to My Music as well as to a playlist in my library. I played the album, while still within the "New" tab, and there's absolutely no record in my library that it's been played. But if I go to the My Music tab and press play there, then it's recorded, even though the music is still in the cloud.


So I guess that if we want to keep records of what we've listened to, we should always add it to "My Music", and then play the playlist or whatever from inside the "My Music" or "Playlists" pane rather than the "For You" or "New" ones.

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