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iTunes 12.2 and Apple Music

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Hi Kirk,

I have been trying to get definitive answers to these few question for a while. After your column I posted them in comments but no one actually replied with definite answers.

1. After all of the reports on how enabling iCloud Music Library, causes your personal Library of purchased, and ripped music to become very disorganized, and sometimes even the names on the songs don't match the songs, I will not enable it. So, can I use Apple Music without enabling iCloud Music Library, and if so what will be missing? I really only want access to songs and artists I don't already have.

2. I (and I know I am in the minority) love iTunes Radio. I created two stations one a general Jazz radio station, and one based on my favorite Jazz guitarist . With these station iTunes Radio mostly picks songs and artists I like to listen to. I have tried it on my iPad with iOS 8.4 and my stations still work the same way. If I subscribe to the trial of Apple Music, will that change?

3. (Referring to 1) If I don’t enable iCloud Music Library, can I still have a family plan and will it work on all of our devices?

Thanks ahead of time to all who answer.


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Yes, you can use Apple Music, just not store anything in the cloud.


I'm not sure how iTunes Radio stations will work in the future. For now, you can still access some of the ones you were using prior to 12.2, but about half of mine have disappeared.


The family plan will still work (I think).

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