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How to convert my ALAC music files saved in my PC to WAV?


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I tried to convert my many ALAC music files saved with Itune in my PC to WAV files. I used RIVERPAST program, which did not open my ALAV music files. The RIVERPAST said to use QUICKTIME. I am new to computer audio things. Can anybody tell me which program I should use to convert ALAC music files to WAC files without problems.





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If your goal is simply to convert from a compressed format to uncompressed, you may want to consider AIFF as an alternative to WAV. Both are uncompressed, but AIFF will keep your metadata grouped with the music file.


But if your plan is to switch from iTunes to a different music player, then it may or may not support AIFF. In that case, so far as I know, WAV is universal.


In either case you can use the method that Chris mentions to get where you want to go.


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Thank you much.


I tried to convert ALAC to WAV using Itunes following your guideline. In Itunes, I clicked Preference, then at "When you insert CD" clicked Import settings. At the Import settings, I clicked WAV encoder. Then I did right-clicking. Then, nothing happened. I tried to follow your guideline, but I think that I did this differently. Would you tell me what I did wrong and how to convert my music files, which were ripped off through ALAC using Itunes in my PC and saved in my external files, to WAV and save in my external drive?







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Hi sss - once your import settings are set to wav you can right click any song in your library and create a wav version. calling the settings "import settings" is a bit misleading because they work for conversion as well. after the conversion you'll have two versions of each track. you can then sort by type and delete all the alac files at once.


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