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iTunes Match + Family Plan + Apple Music

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I've had iTunes Match for a year or more now.


I set up a Family Plan for Apple Music yesterday and just got around to setting my kids' iPads up with the Family Plan on Apple Music.


However, I was surprised to find that they don't have access to my iTunes Match library under "My Music."


I was under the impression that iTunes Match (or whatever they are calling it now) would be available to my family members even though they are signed into Apple Music with their own Apple IDs.


Prior to Apple Music, my family members were signed into the Music and App Stores with my Apple ID, which allowed them to have full access to my iTunes Match.


I am the family organizer.


Any help would be appreciated.


Thank you.

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Yeah, I guess so. Kinda bummed about this. Was hoping that when they first announced the family plan that we could be able to do something like I described.


Anyway, that's why I'm trying to figure out now what we have in our library that is not in Apple Music to see if it's worthwhile to keep my old setup (i.e., Spotify accounts for me and rest of family so that everyone can stream individually and then a single Apple ID signed into all iOS devices so that everyone has access to my iTunes library - which houses all of our family's music).

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