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Welcome to Kirk's iTunes Forum

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I've set up this forum as an extension of my website, Kirkville, where I write a lot about iTunes, iOS devices, and music. I hope that like-minded people will find a place to discuss iTunes and the devices they use to listen to music, as well as the music they enjoy.


Feel free to ask questions about iTunes, iPods, iOS devices and more. And to chat about what you listen to, and how you listen.



I write about Macs, music, and more at Kirkville.

Author of Take Control of macOS Media Apps

Co-host of The Next Track podcast.

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Thanks for the invitation and glad to participate. i recently got hold of Mozart: The 6 String Quartets in memory of Haydn. Quitter Cambini-Paris. Available on iTunes or other download options. Also read a review, maybe on Sinfini, about a new Linn Recording of Mozart Opera arias. Can't recall all of the details right now, but a search of Linn should surface the recording. Stephen Fry apparently has a new book out about Classical Music, too. I'm looking for that as well as he's a polymath, and irreverent to boot, so it should be a 'fun' read.

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Hi Kirk, I've been following your writing on music and iTunes for a couple years now so I'm in. I continue to mourn the death of the iPod Classic, since streaming is a poor substitute and I like to have an enormous music library at my fingertips. But I got a couple of spares before the vultures jacked the prices way up.

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Hi, thanks for the invite.


I am a longtime iTunes user with a large, diverse collection. Pretty much everything under the sun except for country and most jazz. Classical music is probably my #1 love. I try and rip every new CD that I obtain, but I have a big pile in the queue. I rip to Apple Lossless. I'm not claiming I can hear the difference between well encoded lossy codecs but I want to rip my CDs once and only once and so I'd rather they'd be identical to the original. My Mac Pro has a UAD Apollo Thunderbolt interface and I output analog audio to my Yamaha receiver. For car listening I use the iTunes option to convert files to 192 kbps AAC (to fit more songs on the iPhone). I use Spotify also and look forward to signing up for the 3 month Apple Music trial.



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Aloha from Hawai'i, Kirk and other members. I'm a moderately serious music collector (although not in Kirk's league) with about 95% of my 50,000+ tracks being classical, the other 5% pretty much split between jazz, soundtracks, original cast recordings. I follow Kirk for his music commentary, his theatre bent (I house-managed and "treasurer-ed"at many SoCalif theaters, including Pantages, Music Center & Pepperdine Univ), and his knack for helping to guide through tech issues connected with music. (Kirk, you may remember our email conversation about iTunes Match and the multiple GBs of "other" in iTunes capacity bar - despite many software restores, both "new" and "from backup", I still lug around 7.7 GB of "other" on my iPad :mad:). I look forward to this forum being a source of information before and after Tuesday's Apple Music launch, should be a good place for members to go to ask questions and share answers.

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I first stumbled upon this site from Kirk's iTunes columns in MacWorld. I've learned a lot of useful info from those and from this site, so I'm looking forward to some direct interaction with others who are equally interested in wrangling the iTunes monster and are passionate about music.

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I'm a pretty peripheral iTunes user - mostly to manage a subset of my music collection for use with an iPod Nano. Most of my listening is via the Logitech Squeezebox system and Spotify.

I do find Kirk's blog useful for resolving the occasional iTunes niggles, and various iOS and OSX topics (again, I'm not an iOS/OSX loyalist - using Linux, Windows and Android as well). I've signed up to Apple Music to see if it offers anything that I need that Spotify doesn't.

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Hi, Kirk. I've enjoyed your articles about iTunes in Macworld and elsewhere for some time. It is refreshing to be able to read in mainstream publications the perspective of a music lover whose tastes go beyond the most popular stuff. I particularly like the hints you provide to those of us with an interest in classical music on how to get iTunes to bend to our particular needs. I've just signed on for the free trial of Apple Music and am having lots of fun with it so far. I look forward to exchanging information with you and the other members of the forum.

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Hi Kirk, great idea for a forum, wish it existed years ago!


I've had my iTunes library since its introduction... It currently stands at a quite conservative 15,436 items and contains everything from classical music all the way to strange chip music and rips of vinyl dance tunes from my DJ days. I am an iTunes Match user, and now an Apple Music trial member. I have a work MacBook Pro as well as a personal one, both of which just contain a snapshot of my library. I keep the main one on an old-skool Power Mac G5 running Leopard and iTunes 10.6, which is then backed up to a Time Capsule as well as an off-site backup... I used to spend hours every evening going through tagging my library and creating playlists, so I'm hoping this will keep me relatively safe from being demolished by Apple Music!


I'm on Twitter: @jowie

I love to Scrobble! http://www.last.fm/user/jowie

I also edit Kirk's podcast show, The Committed :)http://thecommitted.tv

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Hi Kirk, thanks for the forum and thanks for your blog and articles!

I'm one of those people who really can't relax without listening to music -- classical music, mainly, but I'll listen to anything that's good. Music with a melody is preferred, but not obligatory. I have a 32,000-track iTunes library, a MacBook Pro with all my music on it, an iPhone, and iPod shuffle for exercising and about five different sets of headphones for different occasions. I currently have a love/hate relationship with Apple Music. I love having access to thousands of hours of high-quality recordings which otherwise would have been beyond my budget, but I just wish that Apple would get iCloud Music Library right. Looking forward to reading some reviews, suggestions and tips on this forum!

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Hi, Kirk — long-time reader, first-time poster.


I’ve been using iTunes since it was SoundJam MP, currently with a 30,000-track library (the bulk ripped from CDs since 1985, and the rest being ITMS since the store went DRM-free). It’s largely indie, alternative, singer/songwriter, but there’s power-pop, big band, folk, swing, electronic, jazz, and disco in there too.


A lot of my time in iTunes is spent setting up the playlists used to program Toast Radio — a hobbyist streaming radio station — so I dwell a lot on the technical side of things, creating AppleScripts, shell scripts, and PHP utilities that deal with iTunes’ data.


Looking forward to the new resource!

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