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Mac Mini and Amarra questions

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Is it possible to use Amarra software and control volume directly to dac using toslink fiber optic cable.

Info on Amarra site seems to indicate that you can control volume to dac using fiber optic out from mac to dac itself.

Can anyone here confirm this?




Dan Roy


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I'm not exactly understanding what you're asking...if you want to know if you can control Amarra volume from a remote such as iphone / itouch, yes you can. Use Rowmote: http://www.rowmote.com/Rowmote/Rowmote.html


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I use Amarra's volume control, do not have an preamp and have a mac connected via Toslink to my DAC.

If that is the kind of configuration and your question was related to this - yes works, ...

but there are some issues you should watch, see my comments in the thread PV vs Amarra.


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If you need/want to control volume in Amarra you need the full version IFAIK


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There is a volume control in mini now, what differentiates it from the full product is that it tops out at 24/96 and doesn't have EQ


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