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Converting from 24/192 to 24/96

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I have some tracks at 24/192. My DAC only supports 24/96 and I use Amarra Mini which is also limited to 24/96. Amarra trannfers control of the 24/192 tracks to Itunes and therefore does not perform automatic sample rate switching on these tracks. So I would like to create 24/96 copies of my 24/192 material. The question is how? I could not find a way to do this with MAX and the Amarra converter takes and error attempting this. Any ideas?


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Wave Editor from Audiofile Engineering will do what you need. It's a very good value in my opinion, at $79 (YMMV, of course), and has licensed iZotope sample rate conversion and dithering/filtering technology for resampling, including support for apodizing filters bridging the difference between standard linear phase filters used in CD players and minimum phase filters that minimize pre-ringing on transients.


You could even use it for good downconversions to CD resolution for devices for which that is more appropriate.


That said, it is a pro tool, not a simple consumer utility.


Others may have different solutions. I really like Wave Editor, but I come from a recording background in a previous life... ;^)


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