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Wireless storage drive

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OK, I know this has been discussed 6 ways from Sunday, but I've been reading for hours and every thread seems to get hijacked in a different direction and I'm not sure of the definitive answer to this question:


Are you guys finding that there is little or no sonic difference from getting data to the computer wireless vs. wired NAS vs. the drive connected directly via say firewire?


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I've been told that there IS better sound quality to be had when accessing files from a remote location (external HD, NAS, etc.) via wire (Firewire, USB, CAT, etc.) than there is via wireless access. I have to confess that I cannot tell a difference. The ONLY negative issue that I've ever experienced is the following. I use a dedicated laptop for playback which accesses a NAS via wireless network. I have another QuadCore PC that I use for ripping to the NAS (it rips at least 2-3 times faster than the DuoCore laptop). On the laptop I use foobar2000 for playback and I have it set to "Monitor" the NAS file stores. If I'm playing music with the laptop WHEN a new CD is added to the NAS during ripping I will experience about a 1-2 second drop in signal. But as long as foobar is only playing and not updating the library at the same time, there is no latency problem. Connected to the NAS via CAT5 this issue does not exist at all.


I certainly don't profess to having the best ears around but I cannot tell a sonic difference in files accessed via wire or wireless network.


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