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USB DAC, Kmixers, etc

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In a Windows XP (home) setup on a PC using MediaMonkey -> will using a USB DAC bypass some of the stuff that is supose to cause sound degradation, ie the "dreaded Kmixer", etc?


If not, how would/can one minimize un-toward effects in this configuration?


I understand that a USB DAC has its own set of issues, but that it another discussion.


Thanks in advance


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I use ASIO4ALL (plug in), you can download it for free. I do not use MM, I use JRiver Jukebox, I think they are quite similar as well as their support for the ASIO4ALL.


My set up is


Windows XP-SP3 > J River Jukebox with ASIO4ALL > Hi Face USB/SPDIF > DAC, you will not need the Hi Face because you are connection directly to your USB.


Direct USB without ASIO does not bypass the Kmixer as far as I know.


By the way, the link is a primer for computer audio.







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