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ADM9.1 vs Meridian DSP3100

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Hi deaddog,


I auditioned both a few weeks ago, back to back, a full afternoon with each.


I preferred the ADM9.1 by a significant margin though it must be said, I felt both were improved by the addition of a separate sub-woofer, but that is matter of personal taste as the ADM is already excellent on it's own. You could start with the ADMs as they are and add the sub later if you wish.


I also had some additional concerns with the DSP3100 as the dealer offered them to me at a very hefty discount. When I pressed him further, he suggested that Meridian might be withdrawing them from the market and I can understand why. At £3000.00 or double that with the sub-woofer, they were simply not competitive. They just sounded very ordinary.


At £1125.00, the ADM9.1 is a steal. The accompanying sub is only £800.00 although I didn't opt for it as I already have a REL. You can count me as a very happy ADM user and can honestly say, they are one of the best audio choices that I have made. The ADM9.1 is a seriously impressive piece of kit and I doubt you would be disappointed.


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Thanks very much for the informative review. I ended up trialing the ADM in my house against a setup of Peachtree Nova/Paradigm Signature S2v2. Source was primarily SONOS with ALAC over optical. The Paradigms were like-new demo with full warranty so all-in cost of two systems was comparable.


I preferred and kept the Peachtree/Paradigm system. For my music (rock, alt-country primarily) the Paradigm were much more pleasing to listen to. Not to take away from the ADM - I liked them, especially on classical - but ultimately found them to be cold and clinical (or to be pejorative, thin) with comapratvely weak bottom end.


And, although it should be unimportant, I will disclose that my wife hated the looks of the ADM and loved the looks of the Paradigm (according to her, garage shop product vs furniture). I can't disagree with her take on the aesthetics


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Pleasure. Thanks for the reply.


I haven't heard the Peachtree or Paradigm stuff (or come to that, the new iDecco). Thank god you didn't waste your money on the Meridians.


My ADMs did improve with time, about a month or so before at their best and I am very pleased with them. I use them for editing/monitoring so quite a different application than your own I expect. They perform monitoring duties perfectly. I also use a sub which does fill out that last octave at the bottom.


As to the looks, thankfully, my walnut version does fit in quite well in the old rural cottage that I live in with their new technology in an old suit look, but concede that they might not suit more modern tastes. The piano black ones look nice but are not my sort of thing, being as I am an old fart.


I wish you well and am sure you will be happy with your choice.


Best wishes




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