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Reference Recordings HRX Files

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Hello, I am also new to the forum. I have a Benchmark DAC 1 USB and a Slim Devices Transporter. THe USB output of the Benchmark is limited to 24/96. I want to play the Ref Hrx files. I know that they must be played from a computer hard drive. I have a Dell Laptop. I also understand that REF REc recommends the Lynx interface card. Can that be added to the Dell or do I have to purchase a dedicated pc to use?


Many thanks to any knowledgeable person.




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Do I understand this right? In order to connect a Lynx AES16 soundcard to a laptop, you need to spend around $1000 just for the adapter hardware? In addition to the cost of the Lynx card itself, this seems a bit irrational (together, the Lynx card and the adpater hardware are 2x the cost of the DAC1; this just to make for a digital connection with enuf bandwidth).


If Benchmark could come out with a firewire port on their DAC1, I assume you could avoid the cost of the Lynx and the adapters. How long will this take?


Are there any laptop soundcards that can get 24/176.4 to the DAC1?




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Hey Jim - I am sure there are plenty of laptop cards out there that will output 24/176.4 but the quality of them may not be near the quality of the Lynx cards. Sure this Lynx card with the adapter is going to be more expensive than the DAC1, but you'll spend a lot more to get this quality in a traditional transport/DAC system. I guess it is all relative though.


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