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OMG - It Works! - Berkeley / Antelope DA / etc

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Wow! I am just stunned by what I've been listening to. I am not a "seasoned" audiophile, but I've been in the hobby long enough to know what sounds good to me. And last night was IT!


I've had a very good year. And for Christmas, my wife let me fulfill my computer audiophile fantasies (I LOVE her!!). Thanks to all of the great info from all of you at this website, I had a good list of what I wanted to build. I finally got it all hooked up and configured right for the first time last night, and I was just amazed! You kow all the adjectives: jaw-dropping, transcending, pristine, sonic-bliss, etc. It was all that I possibly imagined, and more. Tears in the eyes, totally moving experience, many many hours (years) of joyful listening to follow.


This is just a thank you to everyone in this hobby for sharing, and caring - and to those who contribute to this site. Particularly to Jesus and Eloise, who helped me trouble shoot a config problem. To Happy (Paul) who introduced me to the Antelope DA reclocker (this introduced a phenomenal leap in performance!), to Music Lovers in San Francisco, who helped me prove to myself how truly wonderful the Berkeley DAC is, and of course to Chris - who provides such a great forum for us all to play.


Cheers everyone! It's moments like last night that make all the time and effort pay off! Here's to many happy moments of listening, playing, and tweaking to come.




out: Windows 7 > jriver mc14 > asio4all > Lynx AES16e > Redco custom Gotham AES/EBU cable (70ft) > Antelope DA Clock > Harmonic Technologies Magic Digital 1 AES/EBU cable > Berkeley Alpha DAC > AudioQuest Cheetah RCA interconnects > NuForce Ref 9 v2 SE amps > Nordost Red Dawn II speaker cables > Magnepan 3.6R speakers.[br]vinyl in: Lucid AD9624 > Redco custom Gotham AES/EBU cable > Lynx AES16e > Windows 7 > Goldwave

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