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weiss minerva harddisk connections

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i will be using a macbook pro connecting to a minerva via firewire... if i want to add an external harddisk (via firewire) to this setup... does connecting to the minerva work? or is it my only choice would be connecting the hdd to the macbook via usb?


sorry for bringing up such a dumb question cos i'm really a computer idiot... many tks!


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I tried to daisy chain my DAC2 to my WD external HDD via FW but had trouble getting the DAC2 to recognize my MacBook Pro without unplugging the power cable on the DAC2 each time I booted the MacBook Pro. Really a pain.


Ended up just using a USB connect to the HDD and FW directly to the DAC2. With that configuration everything works as advertised.


I did not try to daisy chain with the DAC2 connected to the MacBook Pro and the HDD being on the end of the chain. Both the MacBook Pro and HDD are FW800 while the DAC2 is FW400, which would be the choke point. This would still probably work ok given that the bandwidth of the FW400 should be more than sufficient, assuming this is a standalone music server.





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