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MAC-friendly Wireless ADSL modem/router (AFS support??)

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Dear all,


My lousy router has just ceased to work in wireless and I just had a bad experience with airport express... actually with both as my previous wifi network disappeared after installing airport express as well as the settings for Wireless in my router's admin page.. yes, very very strange.


Also the airport extreme has been very problematic to setup... perhaps it is meant to join a network and not create one, like I'm trying to do.


Anyway, I need a wireless router/adsl-modem and as I will probably switch completely to apple I'd like some advice on what brand/model I should pick so that I get an apple-friendly one. I know there are many MAC users here so suppose someone can at least point me a specific brand.


Also, as I may be using Time Machine over the network, I understand there's a need for an 'Apple File System' compliant network, whatever that means... does this have anything to do with the router?


Also, it will be streaming my music so I want to make sure everything works properly...


Any way, point is... please advise on Apple-friendly routers or brands, please.


thanks in advance




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I've been using a Linksys WAG54G wireless/ADSL modem for a couple of years without any dramas. All Apples technologies work over standard network protocols so Time Machine will work seamlessly with any wireless router. The only caveat is that Bojour only works for devices on the same subnet but it's unlikely you'll run into this problem. The issue you'll most likely to have is that the firmware update utilities will be windows only, and some config gui's will be picky about browsers - the linksys gui doesn't work correctly with Safari for instance.


That said I maintain a site which has three Extreme's of various ages running as a roaming network using WPA2/Radius to authenticate against OSX Server based accounts. This has been running 24/7 for over 12 months without a problem. The Extreme can be set up in a wide range of configurations ranging from very basic to complex - it's a matter of knowing what you need/want to achieve.





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