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New Wavelength Cosecant V3

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This is kind of a teaser but I can't resist. Friday I received the new Wavelength Coscant V3 with the new USB driver from Gordon. On the Brick Gordon recommends break-in be done in fits and starts, not one long continous play in. He says that the first major change happens at about 50 hours then a second at around 200. I haven't confirmed that the process is similar in time for the Cosecant but I assume it is.


I am at about 50 or 60 hours. I have known for a while that you can get decent sound quality with the server/USB DAC approach. I have not yet experienced exceptional sound, but I have been doing comparisons with pieces that cost 3 times what my server/DAC does and the results have been promising. Assuming anyone is interested I will do a write-up of my impressions when the Cosecant is fully broken in. However there is no longer any doubt in my mind that this route is valid, even for those with very high expectations. I am really excited about what I'm hearing and the server setup is half the price of my reference CD player.


This is way cool. I need something to get the bugs off my teeth from grinning so much. Oh, and the thing looks great. Love the retro/modern look. I'm glad I sprung for the Coca Bolla wood option.


Gordon, if you read this you might confirm the break-in period for me.




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That is fabulous to hear Rick. Please keep us updated as you continue to listen and compare to your CD players. It is pretty cool to hear someone with your experience make these statements. You have certainly heard many many systems and actually had a chance to spend serious time with some of the best CD players available. I am excited and jealous at the same time :-)


Note: For those that aren't aware, Rick owns a high end audio store and offers equipment from manufacturers such as Wilson, ARC, Classe etc...


P.S. Wow, I didn't realize there was a Coca Bolla option!


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Yes 40-50 for the first break in the second happens after 200 hours. The Cosecant has 4 custom magnetics (made by MagneQuest) and therefore will really open up.


Presently listening to the 24 bit module and it also is killer. Though I need to make some small changes before release.


I will send you one of the modules when I get the production units finished.


Thanks for the nice comments... it really did turn out real nice. A big upgrade from the V2 unit.





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I more than considered it, I already owned one. My first USB DAC was the current version of the Benchmark, then a Wavelength Brick, now the Cosecant. The Benchmark is a distant third. It isn't bad, far from it, but it doesn't have the sense of ease and musical involvement that the Cosecant does. Somewhere on the site is a comparison of the Benchmark and the Brick. I definitely prefer the Brick although it is a little on the polite side. The Benchmark sounds like competent digital, but doesn't compete on a musical basis. Keep in mind that these are my opinions and many love their Benchmarks. I suspect that a lot of them have never heard digital as good as the Cosecant. My prior reference CD playback systems were the Mark Levinson 31.5/30.6 transport/DAC combo and the Audio Research CD7, so my expectations are fairly high.


The comparisons were also made in the context of a very high performance system.


My orginal comparison of the Brick and the Benchmark can be found here .

http://www.computeraudiophile.com/node/540 You will need to scroll down to the posting "Wavelength DAC".


The Cosecant is significantly better than the Brick.




Audio Research DAC8, Mac mini w/8g ram, SSD, Amarra full version, Audio Research REF 5SE Preamp, Sutherland Phd, Ayre V-5, Vandersteen 5A\'s, Audioquest Wild and Redwood cabling, VPI Classic 3 w/Dynavector XX2MkII

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I would have loved to read a review by Rick. I am considering buying a Cosecant V3, however when you read reviews there a mixed opinions regarding V3. Especially that it doesn't have great low/high extensions. I wonder if this can be improved upon by using Amarra? I am also wondering how the Cosecant V3 fares against the Berkely dac? I have read great things about the Berkely, however as long as you need an Lynx card and a MacPro as an interface I am not interested, however I heard that Berkley will release a computer interface soon.

But despite that, I am more interested in the Cosecant V3 for several reasons, like the possibility to change the dacs and the general outlay and off course the USB implemantion of the V3.



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The only DAC I've been able to compare it to is a Valab modified DAC. No question the V3 is better. low / high extensions? The overall sound is MUCH better then any high end Cdp I've ever used. Amarra. It's defenetely better but you would have to decide if the cost is worth it. It is IMO...



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> I heard that Berkeley will release a computer interface soon.


Does anyone have any details or even speculation about this? For example, will it be a separate unit or a Firewire or USB input to a new model of the BADA?


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my first opinion was that computer audio would anly be a comfortible way to listen to music.

But I changed my mind completely after I heard some serious USB-DAC components!


I currently own a Cyrus CD player and I bought a PS Audio Digital Link about one year ago.

I was surprised that the PC / USB-DAC sounds better then my old CD Player. I wanted to buy a new CD player and I had the opportunity to compare the PS Audio DAC to the Ayre CS-5xe CD Player.

The differences were almost unnoticeable - the Ayre sounded a bit smoother and showed some more details - but they were much smaller then I expected. So I changed my mind and did NOT a new CD player. But I'll get new USB-DAC soon!

I compared the Digital Link to the Cosecant and there were bigger differences between the DLIII and the Cosecant then between the DLIII and the Ayre Player.


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SORRY I thought this was a new thread...



PLEASE!!!!!! Don't do what most reviewers do to burn in devices. WHY they keep the damn things on and running is beside me.


Gang, look electronic devices need to find their final resting place. This is true of any wound devices like capacitors, inductors, transformers, some resistors.


IF you keep the unit running continously these parts will not break in at all, but will tend to move to one place. That is not the place you want them to be at. By doing the continuous thing you will not break in the device at all. It may actually take months before you get the unit correct if you do this at first.


Therefore........ just use the damn thing as you would normally with the unit run randomly and it will reach the first break in stage at about 40-50 hours.





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Hello Ear,


I compared the Cosecant and the DLIII only using their USB-inputs.

Listening to the Cosecant, the instruments sounded better defined, each instrument could be better located.

The stage seemed to be closer to the listener. (It's difficult to describe with my bad english!)

I would compare it to speakers: The Cosecant sounds like a Quad ESL 8-), the DL-III like a Thiel.


When I bought the DL-III I compared it with the Benchmark and it sounded ways better. But I haven't heard the Cosecant or the Bel Canto at that time.

A main reason for the DLIII was the SPDIF input: I use it with my old Cyrus transport because its sounds much better than the old Dacmaster DAC.



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