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Unable to rip CD to WAV format using Vista/WMP 11.


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I'm using Vista and Windows Media Player 11. I'm trying to rip CD to WAV format. I've set the ripping options to create WAV file and to write the wav file to the c:tempwav folder. I want to compare file size and sound quality. When I insert the CD the ripping process seems to start (I hear it start to spin up) but then it stops and the CD is ejected after a second or two.


I have plenty of hard drive space. I've tried a couple of different CDs with same results.


I'm having no trouble creating WMA lossless files.


I've also tried using Windows 7 and WMP with the same results. No problem with WMA format but exact same results when trying to create WAV.


UPDATE: I tried ripping two different CDs before posting this question and got the same result for both CDs. I just tried a different CD and was successful.


Any suggestions why some CDs work and others don't?


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