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Grungy Fuzz! Help!

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Hi there,


I am hoping someone can help me! I am getting this really light grungy fuzz sound when playing my music. Here's a little background:


Had a cheap netbook (XP) - external HDD, USB DAC, MM player with everything ripped .wav and had a grungy fuzz sound. Tried various tests to find the source - found it to be something with the computer end.


Thought OK, new computer should solve it - bought $1200 top of the line HP desktop fully loaded with W7 (I know there's mixed opinions with W7) plus I added a M2Tech Hiface to run SPDIF thinking it might have a little to do with USB. When I first got the Hiface it was the best sound that I have gotten so far (or at least I thought) and it is still better than when I used USB but the fuzzy sound is starting to come back?


The funny thing is it sounds like it is more apparent from the left speaker, which happens to be the one next to the sub. Could it be coming from cables, sub, drivers, etc? Here's my equip:


Amp - Emotiva XPA-1's

Preamp - Yamaha RX-V1600

DAC - PS Audio Digital Link 3

Speakers - Paradigm S8 v2

Sub - JL Fathom 112

HP Pavilion Elite - Top Model (not sure #)

Core i7



Hiface using KS with Media Monkey





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No it doesn't have balanced since it is just a receiver. I wish it did and I will probably get a pre/pro sometime that does in the future but I have a coax from my Hiface to the PS Audio DAC. Then Blue Jean analog interconnects to the Preamp, same analog IC's to each of the amps and then Emotiva X Series speaker cables to the speakers.


Again it is a really slight background air/fuzz but once the vocals kick in that's when it you can tell. The speaker is just not as crystal clean as the other one.


So, I did another test right after I wrote the post. I completely disconnected the whole computer from the equation and brought in my Oppo 983 with a CD to check to see if it is still there.


Interestingly it was! Although slightly so but if you listened REALLY close and with the right song it was still there. So I did more tests to rule out the cables, amps, preamp. Well, as luck would have it, it sounds like it might be the tweeter. So I pulled the tweeters and swapped them. Sure enough, now that sound is coming from the other one.


So although I am happy that I at least found the culprit, I guess I am wondering why it is more apparent when I listen through my computer? B/C when I went back to the computer from the Oppo you could definitely hear it more.




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