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Hi all,

Pretty much narrowed down my choice of DACs to two, would it be possible to get people's opinions on these? If it's not too much trouble?


I'm using a Windows PC running Vista (but I'd also like the option of using it with a Mac, after recent troubles, (see my post in the Software forum for more details), it's going to be feeding into a PrimaLuna Prologue 2 amplifier, Kef 104 Reference speakers. Would like a headphone amp also and or a pre-amp to control volume into my PrimaLuna as I find I have to turn the PrimaLuna up quite high at the moment, but these aren't absolutely essential.


One specific question realated to the above, do the volume controls on these effect the DAC output or just the headphone output? Want USB input. 24/192. Not sure what else to say, anymore info you need just ask.


My choices so far are:








Anyone have any experience of these?? Any problems with Vista, will they mesh with a valve amp nicely, you know the sort of stuff.


I am open to other suggestions in the same sort of price range, if people agree I've made the wrong choices, but really I'm looking for info on these two. I know how knowledgable you lot are from trawling the forums yesterday, so any help would really be appreciated. Thanks in advance. Barry.


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Can anyone help me out with this, please?


The Zero looks like the one I want but reliability issues are worrying me. Going to go for the OPA2604 version as I've read about the fake OPA627s. I can always get some at a later date if I want to tinker.


Does anyone have any experience with the 2009 version? I trust people's opinions here, it would be extremely helpful.


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