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Upgrade for high end computer speakers in box enclosures

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Hi Jim - Can you give our site visitors a little more information than, "Ya'll need to try this"


Some of us may really be interested in your product, but want to hear more about it from you directly and may have questions for you.


My main question is, "Why don't speaker manufacturers include something like this product to begin with?"


Thanks Jim.


- Chris

Computer Audiophile | Turn Down The Silence


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Of course, mate. Some manufacturers do. The original Rogers BBC monitors, Dunlavy speakers, Vandersteen, Green Mountian Audio all use felt surrounds in their base designs. Other designers have resorted to smaller, multiple bass drivers to make their enclosures more narrow or taken their tweeters or midrange drivers out of the box entirely. This is to reduce baffle size because of the adverse effect it has on sound waveform behavior and the purity of the intended signal. Putting wool surrounds on their speaker faces is not something designers of beautiful speakers want to do. My product is an aftermarket fascia (pictured at my website) custom fitted to individual box speaker faces to cover the most offensive area, the area adjacent to your tweeters where there is the greatest amount of flat space for waveforms to be re-directed. And it can be fitted to allow for returning speaker grilles when that is preferred. Works, too, if your speaker baffles are much larger than your high frequency drivers. You'll think your speakers are just passive works of art, not a source of anything.


You'll notice improvement in the shape, focus and complexity of instruments and vocalists on your stage. Harmonics and fine details are not smeared or distorted. Even space is more linear and perceptible. You'll hear this for yourself and fairly quickly. Your purchase comes with a guarantee, by the way, if there isn't too much custom work involved. Due to it's affordability and result, this is the largest return on investment in audio for owners of box speakers.


Visit our website for more information about the science taking place, more of what you can expect, and some industry and customer comments. Thank you.


Jim Goulding


[email protected]


Designer/manufacturer of time and phase correcting real wool tweeter surrounds

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