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A Far Cry

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Thanks Roch!


The recording of this project was great fun, and really ear opening. I'm part of the team who records the AFC Jordan Hall concert series (the venue you see at the opening of their trailer), and the recording engineer for their St Johns series. So I'm familiar with their sound. But I was awestruck when I heard them in the Worcester Mechanics Hall, This was a big warm expansive sound I'd not heard before. I had been part of other sessions at Mechanics, but all of small groups. But this eighteen member group for this session just filled the space sonically like I hadn't yet experienced. This will be a very special recording, with a hall perfectly sized and appointed for this size ensemble. The fact that the multichannel release will be a direct DSD256 edit with no post processing will also contribute to the result.


Thanks again Roch.

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Looks fantastic, I really want to hear them.  Two problems I encountered:

1) The website won't accept sponsors.  Probably my fault, but I get no selectable options, strange!  I wanted to get the hi-res+binaural at $55, no joy.

2) Dammit, the cookie package is sold out.  But seriously, this just FEELS right.  And eager to hear your handiwork, Tom.  Best of luck to you and the Ensemble!

Mac Mini 2012 with 2.3 GHz i5 CPU and 16GB RAM running newest OS10.9x and Signalyst HQ Player software (occasionally JRMC), ethernet to Cisco SG100-08 GigE switch, ethernet to SOtM SMS100 Miniserver in audio room, sending via short 1/2 meter AQ Cinnamon USB to Oppo 105D, feeding balanced outputs to 2x Bel Canto S300 amps which vertically biamp ATC SCM20SL speakers, 2x Velodyne DD12+ subs. Each side is mounted vertically on 3-tiered Sound Anchor ADJ2 stands: ATC (top), amp (middle), sub (bottom), Mogami, Koala, Nordost, Mosaic cables, split at the preamp outputs with splitters. All transducers are thoroughly and lovingly time aligned for the listening position.

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