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Weiss Minerva Drivers

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Need help from fellow owners of Weiss Minerva or DAC 2. I took delivery of a Minerva a few weeks ago but have not used it yet as I am waiting for the 9 pin to 6 pin adaptor for my Mac mini. While thumbing through a recent issue of Hifi News, I just realised that Weiss should have included a driver disc as well. I did not get the disc.


Could someone kindly email the windows & Mac drivers to me please ? I have emailed my dealer who is in another country & could be days before I get anything.


My email is : [email protected]





Joe Ling


DCS Vivaldi stack + Antelope Clock

Bergmann Sleiphner + Benz Micro LPS + ARC ref10

Avid Acutus ref SP + Thales signature+ DS Audio Grandmaster

Naim Statement 

Focal Stella Utopia Evo incoming

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