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Hi, I'm new to the world of computer audiophilia and would really appreciate some advice to get me started.

I would like to purchase a DAC, but as I live outside the US, my choices are quite limited. My musical preferences are rock, pop, jazz and R&B. I do enjoy tight, weighty and punchy bass. Also would like to get a very clean sound with spatial width and depth.


What I already own:

Ascend Sierra-1 bookshelf speakers

Rythmik F12SE subwoofer

Denon AVR-2809 receiver

Oppo 980H universal player


MacBook Pro (USB + toslink)


What I can purchase:

-Cambridge DacMagic ($500)

-Devilsound DAC ($360)

-HRT MusicStreamer+ ($330)

-HRT MusicStreamer Pro ($500)

-PS Audio DLIII ($900)


What DAC would you recommend based on my preferences and equipment?


Thanks in advance for your help. Also, forgive me if I misspell anything, english is not my native language.




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