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dCS U-Clock as interface

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I hope you all are well.


Would it be possible to use the dCS U-Clock as USB-SPDIF interface between my laptop and DAC (Burmester 061 with RCA SPDIF digital input). If so, do you have any experiences with it? When I play CD's, would it be possible to use the U-Clock as masterclock for my CD / DAC too?




Cheeers, ToffenG


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Dear Chris


I have the Burmester 061 as well, and I am building up my CAS with Mac mini + Amarra Mini, so far I have two options to consider:


1) Mac Mini USB -> dCS U-Clock -> S/PDIF -> Burmester 061


2) Mac Mini FireWire -> Weiss INT202 -> S/PDIF -> Burmester 061


If price is not an issue, which option do you think will sound better?


As for Burmester 061, it does not have world clock in & out and there is no master/slave option for 061's DAC. If I go for either option 1 or 2, which clock will the 061 DAC follow? Is it default to be slave for all incoming S/PDIF data?




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I'm using Weiss INT202 via Firewire to connect my Burmester 052

with my MacBookPro (Amarra).It is (or sounds) fantastic and much better than

hear the music from CD-Player.


Just buy or update Amarra to the 24/192 and enjoy all HD-Files !

There is the big difference at 16/44.1 comparing to CD too.


Your DAC in 061 is much better than my Burmester 052 because you have two BurrBrown chips for SRC. I think there is no need to spend money for dCS U-Clock.


I trust Firewire and Weiss more. Of course it would be the best

possibility for you, if you could compare both interfaces at home with testing them...


I think via Weiss driver software you can choose the master/slave option.

Normally I use INT202 as Master...As Daniel Weiss said, the most important

thing ist to keep the connection short.


If you would have a Player/DAC with wordclock in/out it would probably make sense to go with dCS.




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