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Ranking of DAC

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Of the ones I have heard, of course, all in different configurations, so it is first off impossible to imperically rank them, so shooting from the him, seat of the pants, wild ass guess, here goes, and of course matters of taste are not up for argument, but always have room for different opinions:


1. Alpha for pulling out every last detail and placing it its proper spot, has a remote and is a preamp


2. Very smooth and good, not quite the knife edge detail, nice to have the modern and natively asynch. of Firewire


3. Ayre amazing sound quality, but a one trick pony doesn't really compete at this price range the Weiss has tripple the inputs and can control volume.


I have not heard the remaining 2




\"It would be a mistake to demonize any particular philosophy. To do so forces people into entrenched positions and encourages the adoption of unhelpful defensive reactions, thus missing the opportunity for constructive dialog\"[br] - Martin Colloms - stereophile.com

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