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Setting up server - various questions

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I've spent the past several months investigating moving from CD's and similar sources to an all digital system, allowing me to stream music via my Apple and the Airport Express to my Dac. I've also upgraded all of my equipment, speakers, etc. I'm now trying to finalize our "music server", and need help on the final steps to having this work as well as we possibly can.


So first, I'm curious if it is possible to "stream the music at a higher rate than the standard 16bit 44.1Hz, that Apple limits the Express to. Or do you need to use a Mac Mini to accomplish that?


Also, for those of you that do have your systems in place, would you mind providing a brief outline of how you're set up. FWIW, here's where we are:


Apple iMac ->Air Express -> toslink -> DAC -> Pre-Amp -> Amp -> Speakers.


Next, we're very interested in integrating this all, perhaps with Apple TV, so that we can run this through our TV and see what's going on and, if possible, use Front Row. We're absolutely fine with using iTunes for now. Most source material at this time is only 16/44.1, but we have started to acquire higher resolution material.


Thanks in advance for any comment or input!


Jonathan[br]-------------------[br]Still finding my way, but soaking it all up like a sponge!

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