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A great source for Mac info (choosing, purchasing, configuring)...

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Happy New Year Chris and friends...

I had a comment of mine published today on Lloyd Chambers blog and at the bottom of my comment Lloyd included a link to CA after I heartily recommended the site to him.

I originally joined Lloyd's site as a paying subscriber for the photography reviews that he publishes....but Lloyd also publishes free in depth articles about choosing, buying. and configuring MACs. I think that his MAC info is some of the best available on the internet, if not the best.

I realize that this site is primarily AUDIO related, but as we are all using computers (and mostly Macs) ... I wanted to share this valuable source of high quality Mac info with the members here. Using Lloyds advice, I set up a nice Mac Pro Workstation for $3,700 which would have been $7,000 at the local Apple store identically configured. I primarily use my MacPro for photo and video processing, but since finding CA, I now have really nice audio flowing from it as well in my studio office.

I have no interest or connection with Lloyd's site other than as a very satisfied subscriber to the photography related content. Lloyd discusses things like SSD drives in detail and he tests them using software that he has developed (his testing software is used by other testing sites as well). Much of his content is relevant to computer related issues that we discuss here. He also thoroughly covers topics like which Mac Book laptop to buy and why. I simply want to share this excellent source with you all, and hope that you can benefit from it. There are a lot of very knowledgeable audio folks here on CA, but I haven't seen quite the same depth in the computer related threads (respectfully). It would be great if we could get someone like Lloyd to answer Mac related questions - the guy knows Macs like BJ knows mixers.

Lloyd's site is: http://www.diglloyd.com ...and his Mac articles are under the heading 'Mac Performance Guide'.

I have my computer-audiophile-ish system up and running now thanks to all of you...and I appreciate all of the great advice, content and answers that you-all provide.

Best NEW YEAR to all of you and THANKS!




Mac Pro 09 Nehalem with SSD boot drive>firewire cable>Metric Halo ULN2> Kimber interconnects with RCA to TRS adapters>Bryston integrated amp>Kimber Kables>Paradigm Reference Studio 60\'s V.3 (bi-wired) speakers.

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