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Moving Away From a Krell KID

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First, Happy New Year !!

Great group of folks here and I enjoy your input.


Recently I upgraded my office system and it currently contains: NAD Master Series M3 amp, Dynaudio C-1s, Oppo 83 SE model (just for Red Book, and SACD in 2 ch) and a Krell Kid that uses a large iPod of AIFF files. Overall, I'm very happy with it. The iPod allows some long playlists without frequent interaction and I can listen to very clean sounding SACDs when the circumstances permit. I think the addition of the disc player has spoiled me somewhat though. I realize, the Krell uses the iPod DAC and can't help but think that even with AIFF files, that's a very weak link. True?


Wondering if the Wadia iPod dock and an external DAC would be a big improvement. I'm pretty tapped out for cash right now after entering into CA at home and upgrading this office system in the last couple of months, but could swing the Wadia and around a $500 or so DAC. Worth it or should I wait until I can get a better DAC? I can certainly experiment with the Ayre QB-9 I have in my home system too.


One last question for those of you with the Wadia, is it have a fairly usable interface?


I did do a search and see that at least one person uses it with a Benchmark DAC1 and likes it.


Appreciate your thoughts.




MacBook Pro Laptop / Drobo / Amarra / Ayre QB-9 / Control w/ another MacBook Pro (screen sharing) or iPhone w/ \"Remote.\"

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There is an alternative to the Wadia i170 in the form of a new Onkyo dock. In reviews it's reported as similar quality to the Wadia (using same DAC). Having said that, not sure if it's available in USA.


If I was you I'd certainly want to compare (to the KID) rather than buying based on unheard recommendations. While you are right it uses the iPod's DAC chip IIRC it bypasses the majority of the iPod's internal analogue stage to great effect.






...in my opinion / experience...

While I agree "Everything may matter" working out what actually affects the sound is a trickier thing.

And I agree "Trust your ears" but equally don't allow them to fool you - trust them with a bit of skepticism.

keep your mind open... But mind your brain doesn't fall out.

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Hey Matt,


I tried the Wadia iTransport with a lesser DAC and wasn't very happy with it. However I have know others to have a different experience. In retrospect I realize that I probably didn't allow for sufficient burn in and if I had tried with my current DAC (Lavry DA11) I may have gotten a much different impression. However, my biggest issue with it was the lackluster interface. Visual feedback on the iPod screen was pretty poor. That in itself was enough for me to return it.


I'd have to agree with your point about the iPod DAC weak link with the KID. I tried just using an iPod doc running to my Headroom Ultra Desktop headphone amp and there was practically no soundstage. I'm a little surprised Krell would promote a solution like that.


And a heads up about the QB-9, the iTransport only has coax SPID/F output and QB-9 only accepts USB.




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Thanks to both of you.



I should have reviewed the Wadia a bit closer to see the way it outputs and that it precludes the use of the Ayre.


Krell is somewhat cryptic in what it does with the iPod. I know it certainly bypasses the weaknesses of the headphone amp etc but little else about it.


MacBook Pro Laptop / Drobo / Amarra / Ayre QB-9 / Control w/ another MacBook Pro (screen sharing) or iPhone w/ \"Remote.\"

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