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SSD Controller Evolution - OCZ Vertex 2 Pro / SandForce Controller

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About to return an SSD I was quite excited about - Toshiba 512GB (which uses internal RAID). Seems to be incompatible with the Mac OS... constant file corruption and drive errors, have had to reformat many times, and craps out fairly quickly. Hopefully Apple will catch up to Windows 7 in the area of SSD implementation at some point in the near future...


Happy new yr!


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I'm sticking with a small SSD for OS, and external drive for music file storage.


Although I do plan to try a WD Caviar Green internal disk soon - it's sitting in the box now. It uses less power, generates less heat, creates less noise, and spins at such a slow rate that I can't find it in print.


Perhaps this will sound nearly as good as external disk.


BTW, Fred (aka fmak) reported improved sound from cutting the power line on USB cable to external disk (on AA).


happy new year, any minute now




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That's a good call on pulling the power on the usb cable from the drive. I will give that a try or have a cable made up sans power (the cable guy at Virtue Audio is great for stuff like this). I use a WD Caviar Green to store my main library now, very quiet. I use a an enclosure that allowed me to easily switch to a linear power supply for the drive (from Parts express), and I use the 3M dampening tape around the drive and selectively within the enclosure (Macally GS350SUAB) to reduce vibration further. It's not as good as internal SSD though, perhaps the power tweak will improve it.


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My external disk is the WD version of the caviar green I think, called the My Book Studio II.


I guess I could reverse engineer some of the recent tweaks and see what's responsible, but who wants to go backwards, and how do you compare a newly installed OS against another without waiting for several weeks? I'm just gonna enjoy the great sound for a few more days before installing more of Alan's gear, which wlll hopefully make it sound like crap again for a bit. :)



Fmak also says he only uses 5V 2.5" drives, and that various drive enclosures also affect the sound.








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