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Show us your equipment / kit !

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6 minutes ago, jparvio said:



Speakers are Solaudio Fusion Gen 2´s. Amps are made-to-order artisan hifi. Preamp is full tube, power amps transistor. The topology is not something I like to discuss further here. Dac is mostly either Denafrips Ares 2 or TotalDac (with streamer and extra ps´s), Roon´s the main interface. CD´s are played through Projects transport (with it´s external ps). Some variations do take place since I have other components in other systems and sometimes I vary them for fun or for comparison. 

Jussi Arvio

Contributing Editor

Hifimaailma Magazine

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9 minutes ago, Bazinga said:

Devore 96’s 


Thank you


I was lining up "Now I know where Peter Qvortrup got his inspiration." But it seems the chicken came first (which doesn't surprise tbh). According to Stereophile here:


Audio Note is famous for their distinctive wide-baffle, high-sensitivity AN-E speakers, which find favor with many single-ended-triode enthusiasts. Industry stalwarts Spendor and Harbeth have kept classic wide-baffle designs in their own lines. And now, America's own DeVore Fidelity has brought to market their Orangutan O/96 ($12,000/pair), a wide-baffle, high-sensitivity, full-range dynamic loudspeaker aimed squarely at the SET set.


I am in love with my Snell Type A III. Hence the keen eye :-)

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9 hours ago, TubeLover said:

Now there is a fascinating mix of the classics of the past, and the technology of current day. Well done.

I was fortunate enough to recently pick up the incredibly rare (only 100 made) 90th anniversary Luxman MQ-88uSE in mint condition.



Im thinking of buying a pair Luxman MQ-88uSE  new in box . 

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3 hours ago, Bazinga said:


I assume the Devore's are a secondary setup? 


You have had sooo many top shelf components + spkrs shuffled through your system, you've had quite the journey.  Kudos.  Any favorites (if that's even possible)?  👍


My rig


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