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On 07/07/2017 at 11:05 PM, Stellabagpuss said:

No problem juanitox, I totally understand, l simply enjoyed the product, hadn't seen anything written, and just share my feelings.




Why would you paste the same review elsewhere as well? Maybe you could mention that in your review. Nothing wrong with sharing with the world ( quite a few sites to go yet though!). The owner (your friend) has treated you well, that's good but it can leave a bias...just sayin

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Just now, Tintinabulum said:

Why would you paste the same review elsewhere as well?

 Because Iike yourself I tend to read a number of forums, and I hadn't read anything on the ISOHUB,and thought I would write a review. Regardless of any suspisions you may have, I am not the owners friend, I have never met, or chatted to J Kenny, and the only contact, I have had,is too place a order.


Anyway, I am glad other members are posting there views on this thread




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