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Music Server considerations


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Hi all


Just spent the Xmas hols getting up to speed on the current thinking on music servers. Getting ready to pull my system out of storage and have gotten used to itunes on the pc since i last played a cd, i would like to keep on this track but with my old systems sound quality.


I use Alix boards in my day job, so happy to use them for the player. They are stable and silent, and easy to add a wifi card to them.


Would like to go with linux, for bootup speed, but get the impression that the linux players out there are not as intuative as itunes ?


So now thinking that i would have a slimed down Windows embedded on the Alix running itunes. Have a NAS device with the library connected to it over ethernet located in a seperate room or the attic.


The Remote itunes app means I can control the player from my iphone or buy an ipod as a wireless contoller.


Plan to feed from the Alix board to and external USB DAC.


Would be really interested in any feedback on the this approach.






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I just did a post on installing Vortexbox that runs on Linux with MPD. It was inspired by the Alix project, but I did not use it in the example because I felt it was complicated for beginners. Check it out and let me know what you think.






Jesus R



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