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want my music to sound good on windows: help a newby out!

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Hi, I'm quite new to all this. I've used winamp and vlc, both of which I like, but is there other good software that can make my music sound that bit better? running windows 7. I'm totally blind but don't let that put you off, the only reason I mention this is because I could really do with menues!

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Not sure how you are replaying the music on your PC (i.e. direct out from the inbuilt soundcard through the headphone port into an amplifier and speakers, or if you have a DAC, which takes the info digitally through the pc's USB port and converts it into a hifi analogue signal which then feeds the amp and speakers.) The first option is invariably inferior in sound quality, as the sound chip in a pc is usually built down to a price, not up to a standard, hence the existence of DACs. Give us a clue!

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Personally speaking, I have had great results with Hysolid in conjunction with the free version of Fidelizer. Thing is, Hysolid needs a decent spec pc, otherwise I've found it can stutter a bit. It is also free to download so there's no harm in trying it. Compared to JRiver software, and also a Linux based, battery powered headless server, there was loads more air and space around musicians. Still not the equivalent of cd, but getting close. You will deffo need a DAC for that though. Richer sounds is a good bet if you're in the UK.

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