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Schiit Gungnir vs Bitfrost multibit

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The Gungnir has slightly better specs than the Bitfrost Multibit.  Not much better, but a little better.  Using Schiit's own listed specifications.  Mainly a four db better signal to noise.  If you later become able to upgrade to multibit Gungnir it improves 3 more db. 

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Normal Gungnir is actually really, really good. One of the better Sigma-delta DAC for its price. I'd choose normal Gungnir over Bifrost Multibit just for convenience as well.


You can always upgrade Gungnir with multibit upgrade done by Schiit. It would cost a bit more money than buying multibit version outright, but if your budget is limited, normal Gungnir is good choice.


Edit : Now I see you can't upgrade it... so you live in oversea then? If so, I'd still say normal Gungnir over Bifrost Multibit, unless you like a bit warm sound.

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