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Getting AIFF files onto Ipod in compressed format


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I store all my albums in aiff uncompressed form in Itunes. I there an easy way to move only selected albums like from a playlist I create to an Ipod touch and compress them at least to loss less form. I see a thing under the advanced tab to create ipod version bt this is never active what am I missing or is there no way


Thanks for any help you can give, Bob


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Assuming you are using Mac OS, I think you should find what you need amongst the Apple Scripts at Dougs Apple Scripts for iTunes web site (dougscrips.com IIRC or use google). There are scripts there which will compress the files to AAC (or whatever format you choose), copy to the iPod then remove the original from iTunes (keeping library neat).


The alternative plan is to keep a separate library with a compressed version of all your tunes.






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I only use XP, so can only assume it works same way on other OS's.

Under the Edit->Preferences->Import Settings (by when you insert CD), you can change your import settings. Make a playlist of the songs you want to change. Select them, right-click, and Create __ Version ... (MP3 or ALAC or whatever you chose in import settings). This will convert them to whatever you wanted. Sort the playlist by bit rate, delete the AIFFs from the playlist, and you've got your IPod playlist. Change import settings back to AIFF before you bring in a new CD.


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