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PonoPlayer stopped working, need to get it repaired

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My PonoPlayer has suddenly stopped working. I am not able to boot into it at all, the device just hangs. I found out to get it sorted I need to send it back to the States to Pono itself to get it fixed, along with a prepaid envelope and export paperwork for US customs. Does anyone have any experience of this? What do I need to fill in? Also for the courier who should I use ie. Fedex/DHL? Thanks in advance.

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5 hours ago, rickyo said:

Sorry.  Same issue here.  Was hoping someone might know.

I think we're dead in the water (as is Pono), sadly

But there are still some liabilities. You should post your concern in the still existing PonoMusic community or contact Phil Baker from ex PonoMusic directly @Phil Baker

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