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Sonore Signature Rendu SE

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I have only been using my modded CAPSv3 in the past two years for its multi-channel HDMI. However, it also has USB stereo. So I decided to hook up its USB to "see" what happens.


Also, I am unable to hook up my Microrendu as I traded in the Sonore Signature Power Supply, and I do have a SOTM 9vdc battery power supply but wouldn't you know it, the batteries died and need to be replaced.


But I am using the CAPSv3 USB and I'm having the same issues. So its apparently not the Sonore Signature Rendu!


I just got my Theta Casablanca SSP upgraded from the IV to the IV-A with Dolby Atmos. Theta Digital also made some changes in the signal path, etc for better sonics. My system was down for a month, awaiting the upgraded CBIV-A, and installation of four in ceiling speakers, now all done, and my system got back up about a week ago. My CAPSv3 HDMI has worked with ROON and my CBIV-A absolutely fine! So the issue is with both the coaxial and balanced digital inputs to the CBIV-A and the digital signal processing. Both the Sonore Signature Rendu and the CAPSv3 USB outputs seem to play for 44k and 48k and for downconverting PCM above to 44k or 48k. WEIRD!


I'll call Theta Digital tomorrow. Looks like Sonore is in the clear!


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Using my Oppo UDP-205, I played/tried to play DVD-Audio discs up to 192k stereo with my Theta CBIV-A SSP. Some would play, some would not play, no real rhyme or reason. So I am checking with Theta Digital on this - perhaps my firmware got corrupted or some other issue.


However, I will contact Sonore first thing tomorrow Monday morning to go over everything just to doublecheck that I set up everything right with the Sonore Signature Rendu. But its not like I haven't been doing this. I'v had no issues with the Microrendu at all and I've had one since the start almost 1.5 years ago. And via phone I just helped a friend move from the Microrendu to set up and get working the Ultrarendu in his system. (And that was with my system down for ceiling speaker install and I couldn't access Sonicorbiter or ROON setup menus online but didn't need to as I could remember it all! HA!).


Again, I'm having the issue on 2 separate USB stereo devices (Sonore Signature Rendu, just received, and my prior CAPSv3) and I wouldn't want anyone to think there's an issue with the Sonore Signature Rendu or Ultrarendu. And my friend's Ultrarendu is workin' just fine, too. My issue certainly appears to be my SSP upgrade - I am one of the very early ones to do this.

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10 hours ago, Emerald Core said:

Could you elaborate on the sound improvement if any

Sorry. I've got to get my Theta CBIV-A (I assume that's the issue) working right on digital balanced and coaxial for PCM before I can do any critical listening. That should have been obvious from the above.


Also, as my SSP was upgraded from Theta CBIV to IV-A which includes some signal path changes, and both the CBIV-A and the Sonore Signature Rendu were added at the same time, all I'll be able to say is how it all sounds, I won't be able to separate out the Signature Rendu vs the CBIV-A.

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I borrowed an iFi wall wart (that came with his Microrendu that he doesn't use) from a friend, so I was able to hook up my "old" Microrendu which worked perfectly with my Theta Casablanca IV SSP. But with my upgraded Theta Casablanca IV-A SSP, same issue, only will play 44k and 48k over digital coaxial or balanced. The issue is my upgraded Theta Casablanca IV SSP. I am in contact with ATI/Theta Digital on this. Disappointing to say the least!

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21 hours ago, vortecjr said:

0.2A - 115V

0.1A - 230V


Thanks. That's what I also see on the product foto as indication for the fuse ;o)


I guess, the real power consumption is less. Anyway... I wait, till I get some reviews (and maybe comparisons between uR and SRse)

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3 hours ago, Cyrus said:

@Steve Bruzonsky  Do you have any updates? Were your issues resolved? Thanks.


The Sonore Signature Rendu sounds fantastic in combination with my upgraded Theta Digital Casablanca IV-A (now with Dolby Atmos and DTS-X) SSP. The issue is not the Sonore, but is the Theta CBIV-A new DSP chip, which for HDMI is set to accept up to 192-24, but is switched to only accept up to 48-24 for digital coaxial & balanced. I use the Sonore (as I did the Microrendu before) USB into a Berkeley Audio USB Converter then balanced digital out into the CBIV-A SSP. For now I have ROON set to play 44k and 48k sources natively, and to downsample everything else above to its even integer of 44k and 48k. ATI/Theta Digital has contacted Momentum Data Systems, manufacturer/software developer of the new DSP chip, so that they will provide the software switch so that the CBIV-A SSP works for digital coaxial & balanced the same as it does for HDMI and accept up to 192-24.


What's interesting is that on 2 channel music I've been playing, never sounded better! I can't wait to get the CBIV-SSP DSP switch revision so that I can hear the benefit of native 88k & up music in my two channel! Meanwhile, I am super enjoying Dolby Atmos & DTS-X blu rays with my CBIV-A SSP!

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2 minutes ago, vortecjr said:

Do you guys want me to post what our Canadian dealer had to say about the Signature Rendu SE?

I can guess, eh?

NUC7PJYH/AL --> Berkeley Alpha USB --> Jeff Rowland Aeris --> Jeff Rowland 625 S2 --> Focal Utopia 3 Diablos with 2 x Focal Electra SW 1000 BE subs


i7-6700K/Windows 10 Version 2004/HDPLEX 300W/HDPLEX 400W DC-ATX --> EVGA Nu Audio Card --> Focal CMS50's 

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I'm looking to order a Signature Rendu SE when my bonus arrives mid September. This will replace a standard microRendu + LPS-1


Does anyone have any experience or opinion re if the Upton IOS Regen will be of any benefit?





 Innuos Zenith SE (Roon Core) > Curious USB/Upton ISO REGEN +LPS-1/USPCB> Chord Hugo TT > ATC SCM 40A

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On 8/20/2017 at 10:52 AM, vortecjr said:

Do you guys want me to post what our Canadian dealer had to say about the Signature Rendu SE?


Ok already, We're waiting for the post!!!


I've got to say the Sonore Signature Rendu is well built. By incorporating the Sonore Signature Power Supply, beefed up some, into the component itself, its not only nice built and looking, but has sufficient weight to "hold its own". I have for years used Symposium Rollerblocks as a tweak under many components. I used them under the Sonore Signature Power Supply (with a Microrendu). However, I just placed them under the Sonore Signature Rendu, noting how the new  Signature  Rendu is more sturdy as it is heavier over the Rollerblocks than was the Signature Power Supply. My point is that the  Signature Rendu, no matter how good it sounds on its own, can even sound better with a bit of proper tweaking!!!


I made a choice in my dedicated purposely built home theater and audio room to KISS (Keep It  Simple Stupid). With my Theta CBIV SSP, which processes everything at 96-24, I used ROON to downsample/upsample as needed to the even integer multiple of 96-24 or 88-24 (that sounded better, using ROON to do this, instead of using the Theta CBIV SSP to do this). Once the Theta CBIV SSP then accepts the incoming 96-24 or 88-24 (thanks to ROON, Sonic Transporter i5, and my then Sonore Microrendu, and then my Berkeley  Audio USB to balanced digital converter), it applies bass management & crossovers and Dirac room correction. (My speakers are five Aerial Acoustics 7ts, two JL Audio f212 subwoofers, and four in ceiling KEF Ci2000rr-THX, with five Theta  Digital Prometheus monoblocks and one ATI multi-channel amp for in-ceiling speakers).

However, I got my Sonore Signature Rendu at the same time I got my Theta CBIV-A upgrade back from Theta Digital. Theta Digital not only upgraded the CBIV to the CBIV-A with  Dolby Atmos, but apparently the CBIV has two sample rate converters, and now the signal path is shortened to one sample rate converter in the new DSP chip which also does Dolby Atmos & DTS-X, and this shortened signal path gives better sound quality for 2 channel as well as multi-channel, as does the new Sonore Signature Rendu vs the prior Microrendu with Sonore Signature Power Supply (the latter which was traded in on the Sonore Signature Rendu). Unfortunately, while the upgraded Theta CBIV-A HDMI still accepts up to 192-24, the DPS manufacturer (Momentum Data Systems) boo bood with the balanced/coaxial digital inputs, which I discovered only accept up to 48-24. This is in process of being corrected with a firmware upgrade to the DSP chip/board, meanwhile I am using ROON to downsample higher res audio to 48-24 & 44-24, and not  upsampling 48k and below. Yet my sonics are better than ever thanks to the Sonore Signature Rendu and upgraded Theta CBIV-A SS!


Yesterday was my final tweaking, putting a set of Symposium Rollerblocks under the Sonore Signature Rendu, with a Bright Star weight on top. I could clearly hear more sonic improvement doing this! NICE!


Note my multi-channel sound over HDMI from my modded CAPSv3 server sounds really good. But my two channel with the Sonore Signature  Rendu is appreciably better sonically - though some multi-channel mixes are really cool and I may like to listen them via multi-channel HDMI. But I again find myself listening to music mostly via the Signature Rendu, just as I did previously with my prior Microrendu & Theta CBIV SSP. I find it amazing that I am not able to input higher res than 48k into the CBIV-A from the Signature Rendu right now, yet it sounds better than ever!


So I am very, very happy with the Sonore Signature Rendu and highly recommend it.




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