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Sonore Signature Rendu SE

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4 hours ago, vortecjr said:

Go to Settings / MPD DLNA and press Save.

Just set this up on my uRendu and it works great.


Any way to get Deezer incorporated into this?


Thanks Jesus and Andrew for getting this to work.

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8 hours ago, agillis said:

No problem, There is no way I know to get Deezer work unless you use squeezebox.

Thanks, that is what I thought. I guess Linn will have to act on it from their end if they want to make it available.

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1 minute ago, vortecjr said:

Chris is receiving a systemOptique care package in the mail this morning.

Let's hope we get a review this time.  Never saw a review of the Signature Rendu SE.

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Quote of the day


Adrian thanks again for getting the USB & power cable to me for my Sig Rendu SE before the holidays greatly appreciated!

The Sig Rendu is quite an amazing renderer and really improved the sound of my Antipodes DX 3 now as server only.

I hear more natural detail, separation and air with an overall smoother and more liquid presentation with great transparency. 

The increased detail is very engaging being able to hear each player more clearly interacting with each other. 


The USB cable surprised me in that it sounded better than my reference and I have compared many USB’s because they are

such an important link to the overall sound of a system and most are not any good regardless of price.

It was a pleasant surprise that it further improved all of the qualities the of the Rendu mentioned above.


Thanks for all the good work you guys at Sonore are doing to bring us great digital music!

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