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Problem using Geek Out 450 with Audirvana

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Hello everyone - writing to see if I can get some help solving my issue using a Geek Out 450 with Audirvana (3) on a Mac Mini. I recently got this Geek Out 450 and have been using it with Audirvana at my office on an old Macbook Air without issue. But with my Mac Mini on my home system it's not working. I can select the Geek Out as my audio output for the Mac Mini and play spotify or Tidal from the desktop apps. But if I open Audirvana and select the Geek Out as the DAC, when I try to play a song, the song appears to load, then there is a pause, and then I get a message saying "Audio Device Stopped." Once this has happened, when I go to the Mac Mini's system preferences, the Geek Out no longer appears in the drop down menu of output options. I can only get it to be recognized by unplugging and plugging it back into the USB port on the Mini. 


Any help with what might be going on here is appreciated. Previously I was using Audirvana without issue on that machine with a Marantz HD-Dac1. The Mac Mini is a late 2012 model running the latest version of Sierra. 

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So I reset Audirvana and I now can get it the Geek Out 450 to work so long as the "Native DSD Capability" is set to "Automatic Detection." In this mode I can't play DSD but can play all other files. When I set it to either of the "DSD over PCM" options, I have the same experience as before trying to play any file, DSD or not. The song seems to load, there is a pause, and then I get a message "Stopping Audio Device." After this happens, the Geek Out is no longer available in the output options in the System Preferences.


What's strange is that the Geek Out still works without a hitch, plays DSD etc., with my Macbook Air, a 13-inch Mid-2011 model. 

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