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Avantgarde Model 2 DAC

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Just saw this on Avantgarde Acoustics' website - a press flyer for a firewire (and other input) battery power supply dac : interesting !


• Fully discrete voltage-to-current converter (no OPs and ICs in analog signal path)

• State of the art Burr & Brown multibit converter chipset

• 2 times analog oversampling and 4 times digital oversampling

(176.4 kHz x 2 = 352.8 kHz total oversampling)

• Ultra precision VCXO master clock

• Discrete CLASS A operation

• Zero feedback

• Fully symmetrical

• Battery power supply



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I am old friends of the line as I brought the first pair of their Trio horns into the US back in the early 90's. Mathias has been working on the dac for some time. The Digital Input portion was designed by Weiss and the dac and output section is all Mathias's design.


I would imagine it is pretty good design as the entire Avantgarde team is very good.





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It's nice to see more maufacturers (returning to?) using multibit converters. I've never been able to live with any of the delta-sigmas that I've heard...




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The specification "exactly even-numbered 4 times digital oversampling to 176.4 kHz" implies that it can only accept 44.1 KHz sample rate data. In other words, it cannot play music encoded at 48 or 96 KHz because it has only a single, fixed clock.


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44.1 only ? quite strange. If interface has been conceived in collaboration with Weiss (the AvantGarde integrates FW800 input), it should target any sample rates up to 192 Khz / 24 bits.

Any information about price and date of availability ?

Best regards


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