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Electronics and Speaker Tweaks/Isolation etc

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Hoping to get some insight into products for vibration control/isolation of components and speakers.


For me personally I am interested to use these devices with an Isolation Transformer, DAC, Integrated, Speakers and Subs.

I have purchased 3 Nordost Sort Kones AC from a SN member but am yet to try them though I have heard a demo with and without before. These are what I would call in the middle-ish of the price range. I know there are many different approaches and I like the idea of draining vibrations from equipment and isolating these from entering anything else. I also think the Townshend products though they are met with some pretty serious criticism when used with speakers


There are many discussions on tubes, foam and rubber being used for these purposes which I may play with but for this discussion I would like to keep it in the 'store bought' realm.


So at the cheaper end there seems to be a few new products and a few older.
The Auralex platforms

Then vibrapods

The new Isoacoustics Isopuck, Gaia and Aperta stands?

http://www.isoacoustics.com/products/gaia-series/gaia-i/ These I am pretty interested in


These I think are realtively new and use magnets which may be interesting under speakers, amp and transformer

http://tritonaudio.com/neolev.html   https://www.fidelity-magazin.de/2017/06/06/tritonaudio-neolev-magnetische-entkopplung-von-komponenten-und-lautsprechern/
And SVS soundpath that I think I would add to my sub just for the neighbours and other house members alone



In the middle there are these but I don't know if they are still available?


A quick search resulted in this and they do isolation for medical devices etc so maybe a very good product

And Townshend pods


And Nordost




Then into the more expensive are the Magico and Townshend



With the Townshend platforms I have spoken to one guy via Facebook who bought them and he didn't notice much SQ benefits from the speaker but with his room and suspended timber floor it made a large impact and a decent amount of sound isolation to outside of his listening room.

Anyways I am sure there are many more products but if any info and experiences can be shared it would certainly help myself and hopefully many others. Some of the cheaper ones I will probably be happy to buy and try but again any i


Thank you

Peach Audio Iso Transformer, Linn Akurate DSM, McIntosh MA2275 

Paradigm 30th Anniversary Tributes, SVS SB13 Ultra x2, Dynaudio BM5A MKII

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42 minutes ago, bunno77 said:

Hoping to get some insight into products for vibration control/isolation of components and speakers.


If you are interesting in info on the (horizontal vibration isolaters) of the roller block variety, I have a listing of those DIY and audio products devices. FYI


** Oops, forgot to mention, that you need to increase your display font size to read it comfortably - I wasn't able to edit it after hiting 'Save' the 1st time :( 


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Let's skip over turntables and vacuum tube components, because each has it's own story. The only components that might need vibration isolation are one that have a:

a] CD/DVD player

b] hard drive

c] fan

d] nasty power transformer


In those cases I use Sorbothane Hemispheres.


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