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I'm looking to stream lossless  tidal, etc, - I have wifi, an ipad and iphone, but no desktop or laptop.  I have a basic very good system with a cd player, preamp and amp.  Am I correct that the simplest way to do this would be to purchase a Blu-ray player with the requisite apps? And if so I would have to turn on my tv to choose my titles?  Any advice for a configuration would be welcome. thank you. (also looking for fm reception but I think my only option there with this configuration would be to add a separate tuner.)   

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Oppo bdp-103 bluray player has Tidal app, i own this and tested playing  Tidal, it works.


a less expensive and higher quality option for just music would be the Auralic Aries Mini.  It has a dac inside and you could output to your pre-amp using RCA cables. I own the Auralic Aries which is the next model up. Aries can be used via wifi or ethernet connection to your router. You can use a iphone or ipad to control the Aries software which is called lightning ds ... you can use Tidal from within this lightning ds software. Amazingly just using airplay to stream Tidal from my iPhone to the Aries sounds excellent, no resampling from 44 to 48 khz is done.   Can be a bit fiddly to setup, though this has improved as it has an automatic setup routine now. 


For FM reception i think you will need a seperate tuner

Speaker : iPhone 6S Plus > UpTone Audio USB Regen (x2) > Benchmark DAC1 Pre > Pass Labs INT-30A > Focal Micro Utopia BE

Headphone : Auralic Aries > Auralic Gemini 2000 > Audeze LCD-X

Power & Tweaks : Heaps of Balanced & Isolation Power supplies, Dedicated Line, Vinnie Rossi MINI PURE-DC-4EVR, HD-Plex LPSU, iFi Audio DC iPurifiers, DIY Resonance/Vibration platforms using Townshend Audio Seismic Isolation Pods

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