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Headless Mac with Ubuntu and OSX

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HI everyone,


I’m currently using a headless MacMini with dual-boot - OSX Sierra vs Windows 10 – and all works fine.

Thanks to “bootcamp”, I can leave Windows 10 environment and automatically reboot in OSX (and viceversa) just using my iPad and without a keyboard connected to the Mac.


What if I want to do the same with Ubuntu (instead of Windows 10) and OSX? Is there something similar to “bootcamp”, even a sort of script to apply before rebooting that allows to automatically enter the other environment?


I'm expecting many of you use headless PC so hope you have already found a solution for it. 


Thanks in advance for your time


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I think what you want to do is use the bootcamp partition, otherwise you have to select one of the OS as default in the boot-sequence.  I might give this a try in the next few days when things calm down around here.  Also NoMachine is a good VNC-like option that works on all 3 platforms.

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Thanks @wgscott !

You know, I want to install Linux to use HQPlayer in the recommended environment by @Miska, but I will have to switch from Linux to macOS and viceversa quite often. That's why I need a "headless" solution (no keyboard) to  manage and reboot just with my iPad via VNC. 




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