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Hi everyone, this is my first post on CA although I have enjoyed reading many of your articles. I'd love to be an audiophile in my spare time, but I don't really have the income for it :D So I make do with mid-range equipment.


I've been using the Edirol (Roland) UA4-FX as my main DAC for a while now and I've found it to give good sound (at least to my ears), and it is capable of producing 96kHz/24bit output (with 32bit internal processing for recording FX). After reading through your articles I started to have a look at the spec for it purely for amusement, unfortunately I can't find out a great deal about it other than what it says on edirol's website http://www.roland.com/products/en/UA-4FX/specs.html


I was just wondering if anyone out there has used this before and knew anything about it. As far as I can tell it runs on it's own internal clock, but as I'm quite new to this I can't tell whether this means it's asynchronous or not. It's done me well over the years (although I wish it ran on USB2.0 and could therefore record and play at 96kHz simultaneously). Has anyone else out there came across it, what did you make of it? While I know it's not exactly a typical piece of equipment to mention on an Audiophile website, I thought if anyone would know about the specifications it would be you guys.


Thanks for many hours of interesting reading guys, I look forward to your response.


Jamie Swift

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